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At a glance...


Implementing the National Biotechnology Policy via genomics and molecular biology research for developement of home-grown technologies in selected niches of industrial and healthcare biotechnologies

A premier network-based institute in genome research for knowledge generation, innovation and technology transfer for economic development


To pursue excellence in scientific discovery and technology development.

To provide capital-intensive research facilities in genomics and molecular biology to drive the development of biotechnology.

To train a skilled workforce in cutting-edge technologies.

To provide services in advanced techniques in molecular biology and biotechnology.

Essential Features

A national collaborative research organisation
A principal organisation in the national biotechnology innovation ecosystem
A national research institute with international collaboration and participation
A resource centre and partner for genome research
A centre for shared advanced core facilities
A national centre for research services and technology development in genomics
Focused and targeted research for technology-driven and market-driven innovations
Commitment to IP protection, technology transfer and business development, to foster innovation
A centre for training of future leaders in genomics and modern biotechnology

Genome Malaysia

Malaysia Genome Institute (GENOM MALAYSIA) is also a gene discovery and proof-of-principle platform for the research and biotechnology business community through hassle-free access to the following facilities:

Genomics Research Facility (GRF) – high-throughput sequencing and microarray analysis

Bioinformatics – Genome Informatics and Structural Bioinformatics

Protein Expression and Purification Unit – expression and purification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic recombinant proteins

Caenorhabditis elegans Research Facility – A platform for gene discovery in infectious diseases jointly developed by GENOM MALAYSIA and the Department of Genetics, Stanford University, USA

The BioRepository Research Centre (BIORP) and Proteomics Facility will be fully operational soon.

The national institute is a full realisation of the vision of the biotechnology cooperative centres of the National Biotechnology Directorate (BIOTEK), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for state-of-the-art facilities for research in genomics and molecular biology. It is the hub for enhancing cutting-edge research in molecular biology. It is envisaged that all research institutions involved in molecular biology research will be partners of the institute. To cater for the need of the country's biotechnology R & D and industry, the institute will also be a partner to all public universities for postgraduate programmes in molecular biology. This will be carried out through joint-appointments and graduate student placements in the Institute’s laboratories...