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High Throughput Proteomics

The high throughput proteomics facility has been initiated to understand the gene function in the post-genomics era and complements physical genomic research. The goal of proteomics, the large-scale analysis of proteins, is to understand how the structure and function of proteins allow them to do what they do, who or what they interact with, and how they contribute to life processes.

Function :

Participate in the development of strategic plans of proteomics facility.

Establish, acquire and maintain infrastructure and supporting instrument for proteomics applications.

Prepare and manage technical milestones, work plans and budget. Manage and monitor of quality, cost, and turnaround amongst other customer satisfaction criteria. Responsible for ensuring efficient budget administration and for reporting activities of the facilities.

Maintain an excellent level of current working knowledge (know-how) of relevant emerging technologies, scientific trends, methodologies and best practices.

Provide state of the art core services and guidance to researchers on experimental design and best practices. Analyse process procedures and provide feedback for optimization and improvement and troubleshoot as needed.

Perform hands-on tasks as well as supervise a team to ensure efficient operation.

Involve in research and development (R&D). Design, develop and optimize assay methodologies, validation and data generation/ testing in the area of proteomics.

Proactively monitor technological developments and propose new applications. Ensure the evolution of proteomics by adopting novel experimental techniques.

Adaptable and capable to work across multiple project and technology in a rapidly evolving scientific context.

Provide consultation and technical expertise in collaboration projects related to sequencing and fields. Contribute to writing of project proposals and manuscripts describing the methods.

Execute, coordinate, promote and disseminate technology transfer via consulting services, organizing seminar, hands-on workshop, conferences, etc.

Acquire ISO 17025 accreditation and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Assist QA Unit to develop, implement and maintain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) and all relevant documents in accordance to MS ISO/IEC 17025.

Cooperate with GPCC core facility to establish and develop the workflows for the MGI Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).



for further information please contact:

1. Asmahani Azira Abdu - PIC (Scientist)
2. Azney Zuhaily Md. Taib (Scientist)

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43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA

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