Genomic Biobank

The Genomic Biobank  in Malaysia Genome Institute is a depository facility designed to collect, process, store and track biospecimens swiftly and efficiently. We preserve biospecimens for research & industrial purpose, and provide support for research project by ensuring  quality and safety of biospecimens. The Genomic Biobankis a dedicated, air conditioned room containing 8 units of Ultralow Freezers (-80°C) and 9 units of Frozen Freezers (-20°C) in which samples are optimally stored with round the clock monitoring and controlled access to the facility.  The in-house developed web-based Genome Biobank Management System (GBB-ms) provides a biospecimen information storage using robust centralized data management systems. 



  • Long-term biospecimens storage for cells (bacteria, yeast, fungi),  genetic vectors (DNA, RNA) and proteins
  • Freezer rentals with biobankbiospecimens
  • Low temperature resistant barcode label printing

Key Instrumentation
   • Ultralow Freezers (-80°C)  and Frozen Freezers (-20°C) with ducting & integrated.
• Temperature Monitoring System Inventory Rack System (systematic biospecimens and data management)

  Service Process




Confidentiality and Security

Strict confidentiality and security is guaranteed with every project we complete. MGI will not claim ownership of all related intellectual property. Data will be destroyed  within 30 days after completion, unless requested otherwise by customer.  

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