Structural Biology and Biophysics Facility

The Structural Biology and Biophysics facility offers access and services for instruments and technologies in structural studies, molecular interactions and biophysical characterizations. Our Bruker Ascend 700 MHz NMR instrument provides wide information of structural, dynamics and interactions of biomolecules, while biophysics facilities could accommodate researchers with label free interaction analysis method through Nano ITC and Biacore X 100. Protein characterizations include thermal stability method through DSC and CD, and conformational study of secondary and tertiary structures via CD and fluorescence spectroscopy. Protein crystallography requires high accuracy in liquid dispensing, thus MGI is also equipped with PHOENIX liquid handling & microscope system, along with DLS Viscotek 802 which characterizes protein for optimization in different crystallization conditions.



 Bruker Ascend 700 MHz NMR

The spectrometer is equipped with a 5mm TCI CryoProbe, a triple resonance NMR ‘inverse’ probe optimized for 1H/13C/15N experiments. It is also fitted with a SampleCase autosampler, a 24-sample, random-access, automation system. 
We provide NMR data acquisition services for macromolecules (peptides, proteins, lipids, saccharides), small molecules (metabolites, natural products), cell extract, urine and serum samples in solution.
 Single X-ray Diffractor System
Measuring the position and intensity of the diffracted X-rays of protein crystal to generate data for 3-D structure development (suitable for protein with size >~25 kDa).

 BiaCore X 100 Plus

Enables real-time and label-free molecular interactions through SPR, microfluidic  and sensor surface  technology for determination of Ka, Kd and stoichiometry (n) in immobilized biomolecules.

 JASCO J-815 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (CD)

Involve spectra collection specifically for optically active molecules, which then can be translated to the monitoring of the conformation through secondary structure of proteins or peptides.

 PHOENIX Liquid Handling & Microscope System

A precise and perfect instrument for liquid dispensing for both sitting drop and hanging drop method with great speed which eliminates evaporation problems while dispensing.  Equipped with 96 syringe head and nano dispenser, making it able to dispense in a large volume ranges.

 Nano Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (Nano - ITC)

A thermodynamic approach in determining association (Ka) and dissociation constant (Kd), stoichiometries (n) entalphy of binding (ΔH) and entrophy (ΔS) during biomolecular interaction.

 MicroCal VP-Differential Scanning Calorimetry (VP-  DSC)

Characterization of protein stability expressed in melting temperature (Tm) and denaturation entalphy (ΔHo).

 Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrometer

Three modes of operation are offered: fluorescence, phosphorescence and bio-/chemi-luminescence.
Useful instrument for structural studies which usually involves local conformation of aromatic amino acids, tertiary structure and denaturation transitions.

 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Viscotek 802

A simple, fast and accurate and ideal technique for protein characterization during pre-screening to find optimum protein crystallization conditions. Presence of aggregates or polydispersity is predictive of crystallizability.


Service Process

     Confidentiality and Security

Strict confidentiality and security is guaranteed with every project we complete. MGI will not claim ownership of all related intellectual property. Data will be destroyed  within 30 days after completion, unless requested otherwise by customer.  

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For further information please contact:

  • Dr. Azira Muhamad (NMR) 
  • Dr. Anuar Jonet (X-ray Crystallography)
  • Azyyati Mohd Padzil (Biophysics)

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