Proteomics Laboratory

The Proteomics facility provides a variety of services such as protein identification, protein quantification, molecular weight determination, de novo peptide sequencing and protein database searching. The Metabolomics facility offers qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds and metabolites. The facility is equipped with a high definition mass spectrometry and advanced analysis softwares for detailed characterization of proteins, peptides and metabolites.



Key Instrumentation

•  Nano Flow Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (Waters)
Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (Waters)
High Definition Mass Spectrometer with Ion Mobility (Synapt G2 - Waters)
Single Quadrupole Detector (Waters)
Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano (Dionex)
Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid Mass Spectrometer (Thermo)
High Performance Workstation for Data Analysis

Data Analysis Software
•  ProteinLynx Global Server for Identification & Quantification Analysis 
MarkerLynx and MetaboLynx for Metabolite & Biomarker Analysis
BioLynx for De Novo peptide sequencing
QuanLynx for Quantitative Analysis

Proteomics Services

Protein Identification and Quantification

•  Protein samples are digested with trypsin and the resulting peptides are analysed using the on-line reversed   phase LCMS/MS.
The data analysis software is used to search the acquired MS/MS spectra, identify and quantify protein level simultaneously. The software will confirm the identified protein and the post-translation modifications if     present.

Molecular Weight Determination

•  The molecular weight of intact proteins can be measured by combination of Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (IMS) with a Time of Flight (TOF) instrument that is available in our facility.
Deconvolution of multiply charged spectra will be applied to identify each protein as single peak on a true MW scale.

De Novo Peptide Sequencing

We also offer sequencing of peptides of interest in the range of 10-15 amino acids using mass spectrometry.
Sequencing service include pre-acquisition  prior to mass spectrometry and possible sequence will be confirmed by fragmentation data (MS/MS).

Metabolomics Services

Qualitative LCMS Analysis

•  For known compound screening, the pure compound (standard) will be injected into the single quadrupole mass spectrometry system and the peak of the sample will be matched based on the retention time of the standard.

Quantitative LCMS Analysis

•  The amount of compounds of interest will be determined based on standard curve with known concentration.


Service Process 

Confidentiality and Security

Strict confidentiality and security is guaranteed with every project we complete. MGI will not claim ownership of all related intellectual property. Data will be destroyed  within 30 days after completion, unless requested otherwise by customer.  

We strive to deliver first class products together with professional, fast and competent customer support whenever you need it. Feel free to contact us via email or phone to have our team to assist you

For further information please contact:

1. Asmahani Azira Abdu Sani (Proteomics services)
2. Azney Zuhaily Md. Taib (Metabolomics services)

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Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA

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