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Gene synthesis

Why spend hours in cloning when we offer you the gene according to your specifications?. MGI can synthesize high quality synthetic DNA products, practically any double-stranded DNA sequence (i.e., partial or full length genes, cDNAs, promoters, synthetic genes), and subclone it into a plasmid of choice. Simply provide a DNA or amino acid sequence and get your desired clone at a fraction of cost and time.

Advantages of gene synthesis compare to classic gene cloning


Sequence and construct optimisation

Design your sequence the way you want! DNA sequence can be customized to meet project requirements and downstream experiments:

Codon optimisation to maximize protein production levels.
Add, remove or rearrange genetic element(s), such as RBS, purification/detection tag, bad motifs and unwanted restriction sites
Create fusion or hybrid genes
Other specific requirements

Advantages of our gene synthesis:

Guaranteed sequence
Fast turnaround time
Cost effective
One stop solution for gene design and cloning
Any gene in any vector

Are you frustrated dealing with DNA? Have you wasted weeks trying to get your desired clone or construct? Try one of our molecular biology solutions to speed up your progress. Now, you can focus on reading and designing your project and leave the ‘dirty’ work to us.

Site-directed mutagenesis (SDM)
Incorporate change(s) in DNA or amino acid sequence to create variants of a target sequence. SDM is used in a wide range of applications. We offer 

Incorporate single / multiple base substitutions
Add insertions or deletions
Perform random mutagenesis

DNA cloning
Our spectrum of cloning techniques can be used for a multitude of applications like cloning of PCR products, vector insertions or full length DNA.

Gene deletion / insertion (genome modification)

We save you the trouble to perform gene deletion/insertion in your host cell of choice.  Using our optimised lab protocol, target DNA can be removed or added into the exact location in genome.

Confidentiality and security

Strict confidentiality and security is guaranteed with every project we complete. MGI will not claim ownership of all related intellectual property. All synthesize sequence (data and clone) will be destroyed  within 30 days after completion, unless requested otherwise by customer.  

We strive to deliver first class products together with professional, fast and competent customer support whenever you need it. Feel free to contact us via email or phone to have our team to assist you.


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